Ogre Auto by BUYXANNABISINEUROPE is quite a particular strain that comes from a combination between Amnesia Haze x Low Ryder and Hindu Kush x Durban Skunk; it has quite the impressive genetic background. Thanks to its sativa dominance, this plant grows quite tall and wide, so you can get amazing results both indoors and outdoors, although it’ll do much better outdoors. BUY OGRE AUTO BASEL

Indoors you should never place more than 9 plants per square meter, using 11L flowerpots. This setup is what gives the best results, because due to how much this strain grows it can get much too large. It tends to grow over a meter tall easily, and its branches are quite airy which allows for more light to get through. This is one of the fastest autoflowering plants on the market, taking just 60 days to fully mature

Outdoors you shouldn’t have many issues when it comes to its size, as it can grow as large as it wants, especially when grown straight out of the ground. If you don’t plant it in the ground you should use at least 18L flowerpots. This allows you to harvest over 100g per plant when done right. It’s generally quite pest-resistant, although it’s weaker to fungi and rot, so you’ll need to take preventive measures. BUY OGRE AUTO BASEL

It produces typical amnesia aromas, combining earthy and woody tones that give a much lighter tone to it. Its effect is quite psychoactive, offering a great high for conversation or for creative activities.

  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40%
  • Flowering: 60-65 days after germination.
  • Height: over 1m indoors and outdoors.


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